BlueBrain® HT30

What is BlueBrain®?

BlueBrain® is a completely new application for influencing psychosomatic disorders of any kind, promoting well-being and regulating emotions.

In the beginning the Blue Brain was created to relieve of all types of allergies without the use of causative substances.

To find a way to do this, one first needs to know how an allergy develops. With that knowledge, it should also be possible to dissolve the allergy. When one takes into account the psychological and spiritual influence in the development of allergies, completely new possibilities opens.


BlueBrain® basics

The test phase of the BlueBrain® method began in March 2002 with the application against allergies. We noticed that BlueBrain® is effective far beyond the use of allergy treatment. Since an allergy is nothing more than a psychosomatic reaction, all psychosomatic complaints can be treated with this method. Contrary to all the findings of conventional medicine, they have only marginal influence on substances. However, this observation must clearly indicate that there are differences between allergies and intolerances.

BlueBrain® is a consistent application of the holistic solution approach. We assume that both the development and course of an allergy is influenced by mental influence. All physical complaints and possible chemical processes are secondary.

If the development and course of a psychosomatic disorder can be explained, it should also be capable of being influenced. In the BlueBrain® application we try to use the same mechanisms that have caused the disturbance. Thus we are in harmony with nature.

All emotions are stored in the subconscious mind

According to the findings of the BlueBrain® method, all psychosomatic complaints are caused by an event with an attention signal, e. g. a shock or a physical or psychological injury. This event connects and stores various information in the subconscious mind (association). If only one signal of this connection arises afterwards, the reactions of the body stored with the event are triggered. While at the beginning of the BlueBrain® method I assumed that only significant events were recorded, I am now convinced that all emotions are stored.

Before using BlueBrain®, the origin of the problem is sought. Once the event in question has been found, the BlueBrain® method is used to clear the link between the signals. This requires knowledge of the natural processes and the will and courage to reverse the connection.

BlueBrain® can be used for all disorders based on psychosomatic or emotional influences.

The name BlueBrain® is used because the blue color is very important in this kind of application.

BlueBrain® is a registered trade mark of Marcel Haessig, CH-Bettwiesen.

Please note that the BlueBrain® devices are no medical devices. They should be used only for research and wellness purposes and on his own responsibility. The devices cannot substitute an examination by a medical professional.